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HMP Oakwood
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West Midlands
WV10 7QD

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"One Chaplaincy, One Team, One Vision"

'To Help, Support and Inspire'

The Multi-faith Centre is an integral part of the Oakwood community and is available to everyone.

What is Chaplaincy?
- A team built of leaders of many different faiths coming together as part of a multi faith team to work from one platform to help, support, guide and inspire others.
- The Chaplaincy team at Oakwood is committed to serving the mental and spiritual needs of both prisoners and staff.
- We work together respecting the integrity of all faiths, traditions and cultures.
- We believe that faith directs, guides and inspires life.
- We endeavour to help prisoners make best use of their time in custody and assist in helping them to acknowledge their mistakes and aid them in becoming law abiding citizens once they return to the wider community.
- Chaplaincy works as a support network between staff and prisoners. Always on hand to support and listen to those in need.

What services do we provide?
- Availability of qualified chaplains on a daily basis 7 days a week.
- Availability of literature and religious material of all major world faiths.
- Providing sacred space to allow prisoners to express, practice and deepen their faith as well as facilitating all major religious festivals.
- Weekly study groups and corporate worship available for all to attend.
- Visiting speakers for motivational and faith based events.
- A direct link between all prison departments especially, Healthcare, Safer Custody, Equalities and the management.
- A peaceful place for contemplation and reflection for both prisoners and staff.
- Facilitating visits to funerals as well as providing after care bereavement support.
- Excellent care and support for the most vulnerable, needy and elderly of the Oakwood community.
- Direct links with Resettlement and other through-the-gate service providers who work with Chaplaincy to assist prisoners upon release.

Imam Haroon Shafiq- Head of Chaplaincy
Afzaal Ahmed- Muslim
Taiwo Olumuyiwa- Anglican
Shmuel Arkush- Jewish
Nigel Robinson- Free Church
Patricia Bradbury- Quaker
Moqapi Selassie- Rastafarian
Kamal Dave- Hindu
Manvir Singh- Sikh
Linford Davis- Free Church
Craig Smith- Pagan
David Halstead- Jehovah's Witness
Paul Smith- Roman Catholic
Saqib Hussain- Muslim
Peter Tibke- Roman Catholic
Saido Kennaway- Buddhist
Michael Vickery- Roman Catholic
Brenda Newall- Spiritualist
Richard Shephard- Volunteer
Nigel Haywood- Volunteer
Chris Milton- Volunteer
Cherk Yun Liu- Volunteer
Malcolm Harrison - Volunteer
Bob Kowalski- Volunteer
Qasim Farid- Volunteer