HMP Oakwood
Oaks Drive
West Midlands
WV10 7QD

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Arrival and Induction

HMP Oakwood seeks to promote and actively manage the safety, support and assessment of new arrivals. Particular emphasis to be placed on the first 24 hour period and thereafter through the induction processes.

All new arrivals to HMP Oakwood will partake in a structured process of admissions, allocation and induction. .All prisoners are seen by a member of the Healthcare team who will discuss and healthcare needs. All Prisoners will then participate in a 3 day intensive induction programme. The programme provides full information about the prisons procedures, rules and regimes. Also all prisoners will be given an opportunity to discuss any specific requirements.

Our aim is to ensure prisoners Induction needs are met, promote a safe and healthy prison environment, and offer them both the support and advice they require on Induction whilst treating them with Decency.