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HMP Oakwood
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West Midlands
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HMP Oakwood is committed to meeting the needs of all prisoners to maximise opportunities to lead law abiding lives on release.

On arrival we will establish an individual's needs across all resettlement pathway areas and work with them to provide support through the provision of appropriate interventions and training opportunities. These may include employability training, education, family interventions, debt advice, and housing support, life coaching, accredited interventions, TSP and Resolve and non-accredited interventions as appropriate. At all times our purpose is to support the individual to make appropriate choices and to be able to improve their confidence and opportunities for the future.

Restorative Justice conferencing is available to those for who it may be appropriate and victim awareness work is encouraged to allow offenders and their victims to move forward with their lives.

We have a dedicated Resettlement team working closely with a wide range of third sector partners to provide advice on housing and employment opportunities. All prisoners will be offered the opportunity to attend a resettlement course 6 weeks prior to discharge where we will work to meet needs and maximise opportunity. Our offering is innovative, supportive and challenging. We aim to provide through the gate support where required and will work with partner agencies to enable the best possible chances for those in our care.