HMP Oakwood
Oaks Drive
West Midlands
WV10 7QD

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About Oakwood

The name HMP Oakwood is derived from the "Royal Oak". Legend has it that King Charles II climbed up an oak tree to escape the Roundheads following the Battle of Worcester in 1651.

The tree was located in nearby Boscobel Wood. The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations relates the 14th century proverb "great oaks, from little acorns grow". This suggests that, great things may come from small beginnings.

At Oakwood we aim to provide all residents with a platform to change their lives. We will promote a community culture where residents will be able to assist the management team to establish projects, processes and forums that meet the needs of the population.

We will try to recognise the skills, talents and abilities of the residents and empower those who can lead by example and inspire others, to change their mind-set.

We offer modern facilities, access to training, education, industrial type employment, interventions and physical health and wellbeing initiatives.

We will offer residents with substance misuse issues an opportunity to safely withdraw from such behaviour on our Drug Recovery Unit.


- To always strive for excellence.
- To maintain our community as a safe and decent place to reside and work.
- To work closely and inclusively with all resident groups to always seek to meet the needs of the population.
- To provide diverse and challenging regimes for all residents.
- To build positive, healthy relationships between all groups of staff and residents within the Oakwood Community.
- To always drive the rehabilitation agenda working closely with both internal and external partners.
- To make Oakwood a place where both residents and staff can achieve betterment.

John McLaughlin