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Oakwood facilities for children

HMP Oakwood
Oaks Drive
West Midlands
WV10 7QD

+44 (0)1902 799700

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Strengthening Oakwood Family Ties (S.O.F.T)

In addition to statutory visits, Oakwood takes great pride in offering an extensive range of visits to include children, family members and significant others.

As well as Child-Centred Family Days which take place in the school holidays, we offer days for Adults, Partners-only days, Red-Band Days and many more - giving as many opportunities as we can for prisoners and their families to spend both quality and quantity time together.
KIDS CLUB takes place on weekend mornings for those with children aged 17 and under. This gives everyone chance to play games, take part in crafts and enjoy some family time together. Coming soon, we will be introducing a Scout Pack for boys and girls aged 6-11.
Once a month we offer a Father and Baby Bonding session (FABBS) for those with babies and young children.
One of our wings houses a Family Intervention Unit. This unit is especially for any resident who wishes to strengthen his bond with his family. We request that anyone who wishes to live on the unit takes part in a parenting or Family Course. We deliver the Solihull Approach and The Nurturing Programme - which some of you may be familiar with as many Children Centres also deliver these.
The Family Unit has an extra visit on a Wednesday evening in the form of a Homework Club for children of all ages.
Oakwood recognises that some families need additional support whilst a loved one is in prison and so we offer trained staff and specialist agencies such as the CAPI (Children Affected by Parental Imprisonment) project run by Barnardos, alongside information and drop-ins in the Family Pathway Centre and Community Hub.
Strengthening Oakwood's Family Ties (SOFT) is open to suggestions from visitors about how we could improve our service. Once a month we hold an open forum in the Family Pathway Centre where visitors can speak to staff and Seniors to put forward ideas. Alternatively, if visitors cannot attend the forum, then thoughts can be added to the 'Ideas' box in the Centre.