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Oakwood prison assisted visits

HMP Oakwood
Oaks Drive
West Midlands
WV10 7QD

+44 (0)1902 799700

+44 (0)1902 799762

Rules on Visits

Here at HMP Oakwood we understand the importance of quality visits, to make the experience better for all we ask that prisoner and visitors respect and follow our rules on visits.

Prisoners MUST wear their sash in the correct manner. It must be secured over the shoulder at all times. Any prisoner that takes it off or does not wear it correctly, will be asked to do so. If a prisoner refuses to wear his sash as directed his visit will be terminated.

Prisoners and Visitors MUST NOT lean over the table. Prisoners and visitors will remain seated at all times when at the table.

If a prisoner biometrics out (exits) early on a visit he CANNOT then decide to continue his visit. Once he biometrics out then the visit is deemed to be terminated.

Visitors are NOT ALLOWED to sit on or next to the prisoner. Visitors must remain on the opposite side of the table to the prisoner.

Prisoners and Visitors hands MUST remain in full view at all times. Any behaviour deemed to be inappropriate by Visits staff, will not be tolerated.

For the safety of children visiting, we request that you do not allow them to stand or climb on furniture.

If a prisoner requires to visit the toilet he MUST remain seated and get the attention of an officer who will then escort him from the room. Prisoners MUST NOT get up and walk over to an officer.

When the visit is finished and the prisoner has said his goodbyes he MUST remain seated until an officer instructs him otherwise.

It is the parentís / guardianís responsibility to supervise children while visiting.

Visitors CANNOT wear SUNGLASSES, GLOVES, HATS, CAPS, SCARVES, DENIM JACKETS, COATS OR HOODED TOPS in the visits room. Only prescription glasses (excluding prescription sunglasses) are allowed.


Visitors should consider the standard of dress when coming on a visit. Any visitor wearing inappropriate clothing i.e. body on show or see through tops, will be asked to adjust their dress.

All visitors UNDER the age of 18 must be with an adult during a visit. If a visitor under 18 goes to the toilet then the responsible parent or guardian MUST go with them. No children are to be left unaccompanied with the prisoner at any time.

Please follow the above rules during your visit to HMP Oakwood, anyone that fails to abide by this may have their visit terminated and the visitor may be refused entry on future visits.

Prisoners MUST remain seated throughout the visit. If any prisoner leaves his seat, the visits staff will assume that the prisoner is finishing his visit.