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Oakwood facilities for children

HMP Oakwood
Oaks Drive
West Midlands
WV10 7QD

+44 (0)1902 799700

+44 (0)1902 799762

What to Expect on a Visit

In accordance with national policy, visitors and staff at HMP Oakwood are no longer allowed to smoke on the premises, or to bring any smoking materials into the prison. Please note it is an offence to convey smoking related items into the prison. Assistance with giving up smoking is being offered to prisoners in accordance with national guidelines.

On arrival
You will be directed to report to the Family Pathway Centre for initial registration. Please try to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time of your visit, to ensure that the entry searching process does not delay the start of your visit.
In the Family Pathway Centre you will need to provide acceptable forms of identification. Adult visitors will be enrolled via the biometrics system. Domestic Visitors are not permitted to take hand baggage beyond the Family Pathway Centre and locker facilities are available for safe storage of such items.
Please retain the key during your visit.
At this point you will also be informed of the maximum amount of money that you may take into the prison for the purpose of purchasing light refreshments during your visit.
Once registered, you will be called forward to the Entry Building Visitors' Entrance for searching.

All visitors to HMP Oakwood are searched on entry to the prison. Consent to being searched is a precondition of entry into any G4S prison and notices to this effect can be seen displayed in the Family Pathway Centre and in the entrances to the prison.
Searching will be carried out with due regard for the dignity of the individual and his/her possessions.
Manual searching by staff will be supplemented by the use of x-ray, metal detection equipment, drug detection dogs and CCTV surveillance.
Children under eighteen years of age will always be searched by female members of staff.
Arrangements for the searching of infants will specifically require the parent or carer to observe the process.
Drug and explosive detection equipment will be deployed in the Visitor Entrance Search Area, supplemented by periodic use of passive drug detection ('sniffer') dogs.

The Visits Hall
Once searching has been completed, adult visitors will then move to the Visits Hall. You will be directed to a pre-selected and numbered table.
Seating arrangements are designed to place prisoners in specific seats that are visually identifiable.
Prisoners will not be allowed to sit on seats other than those provided for their use. The same applies also to visitors.
Please be aware that CCTV is in operation in the Visits Hall.
Explicit sexual, indecent or other antisocial behavior will not be tolerated and contravention of these rules may result in early termination of the visit.
At the conclusion of the visiting session, prisoners will remain in the Visits Hall until all their visitors have been accounted for and have left the building.
All Prisoners need to be accounted for prior to any visitors leaving the Visitors Search Area.
No tobacco products should be carried into visits by prisoners or visitors.

Before Entering
The only items visitors are allowed to take in with them are loose change to use in the drinks machine, a locker key (if a locker has been used), or a house key, or car key.
Lockers are available at the Visitors Centre should you wish to use them.
The prison takes no responsibility for the usage of the lockers, nor does it insist that you use a locker only that you do not take unauthorized items into the prison.